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Marla Duffy

I spent my childhood living in and traveling around Europe visiting so many different countries and it gives me such pleasure to work with clients putting together wonderful trips for them. I’ve worked with clients taking overseas trips to Norway, England, France and Italy and it’s been amazing searching out many tours and activities for them, as well as helping them navigate travel there and travel while there.

Domestically, I’ve worked with clients on trips to Hawaii, Oregon, Las Vegas, New York City and Florida, as well as all-inclusives in Punta Cana and Cancun, and cruises to San Juan and the Bahamas.

I have completed courses in Antiqua and Barbados, Italy off the Beaten Path, Hawaii Family Focus series, Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line. I continue to progress through many certifications to better aid my clients.

I currently live in Connecticut, with my husband, my college-aged son and my high school-age daughter.

My Certificates and Awards

Throughout my tenure as a travel agent, I have received a few recognitions.